Eine Assetmanagerin, die an dem klimaVest Solarpark Tordesillas steht

klimaVest’s assets Real assets for your portfolio


Valuable growth for your portfolio

klimaVest: Ein Arbeiter mit Helm und Klettergurt begutachtet ein Bauteil eines Windrades im Windpark ToutVent

klimaVest strengthens your portfolio in several ways:

  • Access to a future-proof asset class through investments in solar and wind power
  • Broad diversification across 43 assets³ currently, distributed across 5 countries³ in Europe
  • Asset management by Commerz Real¹ employees
  • Predictable cash flows from electricity production and sales as well as long-term power purchase agreements
  • Stability of real physical assets with physical intrinsic value, regardless of the ups and downs of the stock market

klimaVest’s target sectors

Assets for renewable energy generation, but also energy storage or distribution are underrepresented in many custody accounts. Yet, they are twice as valuable:

  1. their expansion paves the way to a climate-friendly energy transition in Europe
  2. They offer attractive return opportunities with a low correlation with conventional asset classes.

These two aspects form the double advantage of klimaVest. And thanks to its design as an ELTIF (European Long-Term Investment Fund), the fund also enables private investors to access the infrastructure asset class for the first time.

klimaVest creates a solid basis for its portfolio via the primary target assets of solar parks and on/offshore wind farms. These types of renewable energy projects are based on established, readily calculated technologies that provide long-term predictable cash flows.

Knowing and promoting tomorrow’s technologies today is what sets klimaVest apart. For this reason, its portfolio will be expanded in the long term with secondary target assets, such as e-mobility, energy storage or gas transport and distribution.

The aim is to achieve even better return opportunities for investors, even more diversification and an even greater impact on the energy transition.

Die Grafik zeigt die verschiedenen Zielbranchen, in die klimaVest investieren kann

klimaVest’s assets: Facts and figures

klimaVest: Grafik
  der klimaVest Assets in Europa aufgeteilt nach Ländern. Die Länder mit Asset
  Standorten sind grün hinterlegt.

Geographical distribution

5 countries, 42 locations³

klimaVest currently has assets in 5 EU countries at a total of 42 locations³. In the long term, the fund strategy envisages an even broader geographical distribution across economically stable locations throughout Europe³.

This will enable individual investment risks to be spread even more efficiently in the future and, at the same time, return opportunities to be better utilised. In addition, the aim of expanding the portfolio is to expand renewable energies – thus benefiting a sustainable, future-proof energy industry.

Renewable energy

Balance in usage types

klimaVest currently focuses primarily on wind power and photovoltaics as forms of renewable energy generation. In order to achieve constant yields despite seasonal fluctuations, the klimaVest assets are distributed across the wind and solar power sectors in a balanced way. 

By financing project developments that are still in the construction phase, new photovoltaic and wind power plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This allows maintenance and servicing costs to be kept low in advance and the chances of future value increases or sales of the assets to be increased.

Ein Wind- und Solarpark bei strahlend blauem Himmel

Breakdown of solar and wind in the klimaVest portfolio⁵

Breakdown of existing assets and project developments³ in the klimaVest portfolio

Junge Frau arbeitet an einem Solarpanel in einer Fabrik

System manufacturers and operators

Diversification in technology

klimaVest is also characterised by a high level of diversification at a technical level. The production of wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, as well as their operation, is spread across a variety of companies. This means that individual losses, for example due to delays in delivery or no deliveries, can be easily absorbed.

As a result, due to the technical diversification, the fund has the size and expertise that smaller providers or private individuals cannot afford. Here, too, klimaVest – as a financial product from Commerz Real – benefits from over 50 years of experience with physical assets.

System manufacturers

Operations manager

klimaVest: Windrad mit Mann mit Helm im Windpark ToutVent


Get more out of your portfolio – with real assets

The most important questions about klimaVest assets

What is an ELTIF?

ELTIFs (European Long-Term Investment Funds) are innovative financial instruments for long-term investments in infrastructure projects. ELTIFs open up new asset classes for private investors, as well as future-oriented growth markets that offer attractive return opportunities while strengthening the real economy.

In particular, the protection of investors plays a major role in the statutory ELTIF regulation. This should be ensured with the help of product transparency and appropriate investment information. ELTIFs are obliged to operate in accordance with clear legal framework conditions. In order to acquire klimaVest units and book them into a custody account, investors must participate in a prior investment consultation.

What are the benefits of investing in physical assets?

In contrast to securities such as shares or bonds, physical assets are characterised by physical intrinsic value. They are largely independent of stock exchanges and therefore have greater value stability than other conventional asset classes. The most common physical asset investments are usually real estate, commodities, precious metals or even hydroelectric, solar or wind power plants.

Investors can invest in physical assets directly or via investment funds. Compared to direct investments, such as the purchase of one’s own property, tangible asset funds invest the fund assets in several assets simultaneously. This means that the individual investment risks are spread over a larger number of assets and can therefore better balance each other out.

With the klimaVest tangible assets fund, for example, investors invest in more than 43 assets from the solar and wind power sector, distributed across 4 EU countries. Due to their low correlation with traditional asset classes, assets of this type are particularly well-suited to effective portfolio diversification.

What role does klimaVest aim to play in the renewable energy market?

As an ELTIF for private investors, klimaVest offers an innovative investment opportunity in one of the currently largest growth markets. Thanks to clear investment guidelines, the klimaVest fund managers explicitly select assets that aim for a solid risk-adjusted return – even with rising prices.

This includes, for example, geographic diversification, which not only serves to spread risk, but also to expand the portfolio with particularly attractive assets. The focus on larger photovoltaic and wind farms in particular can ensure higher operating margins and therefore also higher returns thanks to comparatively low operating costs. Long-term off-take agreements can generate these revenues for a long period of time, often for at least 10 years.

Thanks to its careful and long-term investment strategy, klimaVest is for the first time offering private investors access to the renewable energy market, which had previously been closed to them.

What criteria does klimaVest use to select its assets?

klimaVest bases its asset selection on three dimensions, which determine the suitability of the respective asset in the sense of the RSF framework. On the one hand, this involves the profitability (return) of the asset. In the next step, its sustainability is assessed. This is followed by formal criteria that the asset must meet in order to be included in the klimaVest portfolio.

The RSF procedure identifies assets that both contribute to an attractive risk-adjusted return and demonstrably contribute to achieving the defined sustainability goals without violating formal criteria.

What contribution does an investment in klimaVest make to the energy transition?

klimaVest’s portfolio currently consists of 43 solar parks and wind farms for the generation of renewable energy. The fund thus actively promotes the expansion of renewable energies. With the increasing expansion and the legally regulated feed-in priority, conventional electricity from fossil fuels, which is often associated with high CO₂ emissions, can be constantly pushed back. klimaVest thus makes an active contribution to the sustainable transformation of the European energy industry and thus also to climate change mitigation. 

In addition to the expansion of renewable energies, klimaVest also pursues specific sustainability goals, such as the active saving of CO₂: The avoided emissions are calculated using the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and communicated transparently. As the production of renewable electricity also generates greenhouse gases, these emissions are added.

With klimaVest’s CO₂ calculator, you can estimate your personal CO₂ footprint and in the second section, estimate the targeted CO₂ avoidance of klimaVest's assets.

¹The management company of klimaVest is Commerz Real Fund Management S.à r.l.
³ Transition of benefits and burdens for three Swedish photovoltaic project developments of Helios Nordic Energy has not yet taken place.
⁵ Diversification by installed capacity. The calculation is based on the portfolio after completion of all project developments.