klimaVest: Eine
  Straße, die durch den Wald verläuft, aus der Luft fotografiert.

klimaVest Invest in the energy of the future

You choose

Direct and digital or personal consultation

More than 10,000 investors are already expanding their portfolio with klimaVest via a future-proof asset class – and at the same time making an active contribution to the energy transition.

Make klimaVest part of your custody account with the 100% digital subscription route – easy and straightforward in just 10 –15 minutes. Or with a personal investment consultation at one of our numerous sales partners.

Please note: Our digital subscription process to invest is recently only available in german language.

Direct & digital

Invest simply and digitally via our subscription path, including digital investment advice – available for almost all German securities custody accounts

Personal advice

Personal advice available in-branch at the following financial institutions: Commerzbank, BW-Bank/LBBW, selected Sparkasse, Volksbank and Raiffeisen Bank

Our sales partners

Invest with personal advice from your financial institution

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to invest in klimaVest after a personal consultation on site. 

Make an appointment online or by telephone with your financial institution for a klimaVest investment consultation. The customer advisers of our numerous sales partners will be happy to assist you.

  • Commerzbank
  • BW-Bank / LBBW
  • Selected Sparkasse branches
  • Selected Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank branches

In 4 steps to klimaVest

Take advantage of our 100% digital investment advice and place your order online. We will then deliverthe units to your existing custody account at one of the financial institutions listed below: comdirect, ING, Commerzbank, DKB, BW-Bank / LBBW, Sparkasse (Sbroker), Volksbank (Geno broker), Consorsbank and many more.


Digital investment consultation

by our partner CP Capital Pioneers GmbH. You will participate in a digital investment consultation, in which we will ask you questions about your experience, risk preference and financial situation.


Digital subscription

to klimaVest at Commerz Real Fund Management S.à r.l. You determine your subscription amount and select which custody account your fund units are to be transferred to.



via Deutsche Post Videoident or Postident. Have your custody account details (if available) and your ID card at the ready for this purpose.


Deposit and transfer

of your fund units. After verifying your details and proof of identity, you transfer your subscription amount and we will ensure that your fund units end up in your custody account.

Your investment in klimaVest: investment information at a glance

Investment of max. 10 %

of your liquid assets in ELTIF

Investment amount

min. 10.000 €²

Current initial charge

4 %³

Liquid assets

min. €100,000¹

Current Performance 4.1 %

(30/04/23 - 30/04/24)⁴

Investment horizon

>5 years

¹Since the statutory minimum investment amount is €10,000 and you may invest a maximum of 10% of your assets in klimaVest by law, your liquid assets must be at least €100,000.

²The statutory minimum investment amount is €10,000.

³The initial charge for purchasing klimaVest via the digital subscription route is currently 4%. The regular initial charge can be between 0 and 5% and varies by sales partner.

⁴Calculated using the BVI method (excluding initial charge, distribution reinvested immediately). Past performance is not indicative of future returns.