2 klimaVest Experten: Timo Werner und Yves-Maurice Radwan

The team behind klimaVest

With klimaVest, ELTIFs and impact funds¹ combine with technical complexity and a clear content-related objective to create an innovative investment.

Balancing measurable environmental impact with the best possible performance and skilfully interlinking them – this is the challenge for klimaVest. New developments in energy markets and sustainable infrastructure trends must be identified as early as possible and opportunities seized as quickly as possible.

klimaVest is therefore more than just an ordinary financial product. That’s why special expertise and sensitivity is needed, and lots of it. From fund management and technical and commercial asset management to sustainability and legal – it is only together that the individual areas create a bigger whole that works together every day for the success and future viability of the fund – the klimaVest team.

For investors, their returns – and for the energy transition in Europe.

Profiles of two klimaVest personalities

klimaVest Experte Timo Werner

Timo Werner

klimaVest fund manager

Timo Werner has been part of Commerz Real since 2015 as Managing Director of various affiliated companies and has also supported numerous national and international transactions in the areas of renewable energies, infrastructure and real estate. In this role, he was responsible for a total transaction volume of more than 4 billion euros.

Timo Werner played a key role in the creation of the klimaVest ELTIF – and was actively involved from the first product idea to the basic concept and the fund launch. Since then, he has successfully managed the investment capital of over 23,000 investors as fund manager.

Yves-Maurice Radwan

Head of Green Deal Infrastructure

In April 2022, Yves-Maurice Radwan assumed the position of Head of Infrastructure Investments at Commerz Real. He oversees not only the transaction business, but also partnerships with project developers and asset management – both for the klimaVest impact fund and for Commerz Real's other institutional financial products.

In his new position, Yves-Maurice Radwan is now using his many years of experience and expertise to further strengthen Commerz Real’s growth in the renewable energies segment and aim for an earlier entry into the value chain. 

klimaVest Experte Yves-Maurice Radwan

We do klimaVest − Insights from our team

¹ klimaVestis an impact fund that endeavours to contribute to achieving the long-term limitation of global warming in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 2015 by pursuing its investment objective.