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About us We are klimaVest

The Commerz Real Group

100 %

subsidiary of the Commerzbank Group


locations in Germany and abroad

€ 34 billion

assets under management

50 years

market experience



In > 20

countries worldwide


Commerz Real¹, a Commerzbank Group company, has more than 50 years of market experience as an asset manager for physical assets. It is currently responsible for assets of around 34 billion euros.

Commerz Real’s range of services includes the real estate fund, hausInvest, an investment classic with many hundreds of thousands of investors, fund assets of over 17 billion euros and positive performance in all of the 50 years since its launch in 1972².

With the CFB Invest brand, Commerz Real also offers investments in companies – with a total value of over 14 billion euros, spread across 185 funds in the real estate, shipping, renewable energies and other segments. Commerz Real¹ also offers various institutional investment products.

With its launch in 2020, Commerz Real¹ most recently expanded its portfolio by adding the klimaVest ELTIF – the first physical asset impact fund for Commerz Real private investors.

Commerz Real has been investing in infrastructure assets for more than 20 years. Its main focus is on energy production, grid-connected infrastructure and transport & mobility. With a transaction volume of around seven billion euros, it is one of the largest asset managers in this segment.

Commerz Real manages a total of more than 50 solar power plants and 14 onshore and offshore wind farms in the renewable energies sector. Together they produce more than 1 gigawatt of electricity – the average output of a nuclear power plant.

2 klimaVest Experten: Timo Werner und Yves-Maurice Radwan

The team

Experience becomes impact

Real tangible assets require real substance: in addition to market expertise and strategic competence in fund management, the klimaVest team needs good instincts to be able to anticipate technological trends and the environmental impact of assets decades in advance. An understanding of people is also required. By keeping the needs and expectations of investors in mind, the insights gained on the market are carefully incorporated into the fund’s concept.

The klimaVest team thus makes it possible for private investors to access the sustainable market for renewable energies – and at the same time make an effective contribution to the energy transition.

klimaVest: Mann steht mit Händen in den Hosentaschen am Ufer des Meeres und guckt sich den Sonnenuntergang an.

Our vision

A look into the future

We have the opportunity to shape our world – not only today, but also for tomorrow. With klimaVest, you are actively making a measurable contribution to the sustainable energy transition – and getting down to where it really counts.

More about the vision

If you’re serious about sustainability and reducing carbon,

you cannot avoid the merger of the real estate and energy industries.

klimaVest Experte Henning Koch
Henning Koch
Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors / CEO of Commerz Real AG

If you’re serious about sustainability and reducing carbon,

you cannot avoid the merger of the real estate and energy industries.

¹The management company of klimaVest is Commerz Real Fund Management S.à r.l.
²Calculated using the BVI method (excluding initial charge; distributions reinvested immediately). Past performance is not indicative of future returns.
³ klimaVest is an impact fund that endeavours to contribute to the achievement of long-term global warming mitigation in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 2015 by pursuing its investment objective.