Es wir der klimaVest Windenergiepark Duben im Nebel dargestellt.

New acquisition Commerz Real acquires further wind farms for klimaVest from UKA

12.11.2020 2 Reading Time

  • Supplies 7,600 households
  • 20-year term with remuneration in accordance with EEG 2017

Commerz Real announces the next purchases for the new impact fund klimaVest. Commerzbank Group’s Asset Manager for Tangible Asset Investments purchased two wind farms in the Brandenburg municipalities of Langenrieth (117 kilometres south of Berlin) and Freiwalde (66 kilometres south of Berlin) from the UKA Group, headquartered in Meissen (Saxony), a leading German energy park developer. Just recently, three wind farms in Sweden, two wind farms in North Rhine-Westphalia and a solar park in Spain were added to the klimaVest portfolio.

The Langenrieth II wind farm, commissioned in December 2019, comprises two Vestas V117 wind turbines with a total rated output of 6.9 megawatts. The Vestas V136 plant in the Freiwalde Nord I wind farm has a rated output of 4.2 megawatts and was commissioned in July 2020. Together, they generate around 29 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy per year, which is equivalent to the average consumption of around 7,600 German four-person households.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S has a full maintenance contract for 20 years. The term of the guaranteed feed-in tariff in accordance with the German Renewable Energies Priority Act (EEG 2017) is 20 years. UKB Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen Betriebsführung GmbH is responsible for the commercial and technical management of the plants.