klimaVest Jahresbericht

Excellent performance: the klimaVest annual report

17.01.2023 5 Reading Time

If you have read last week’s klimaVest newsletter already, you will know that the figure of 927 million euros in fund assets mentioned in the Annual Report has been exceeded and we are now at more than one billion. This indicates investors’ huge interest in impact-oriented investments and confirms the result of the survey commissioned by us in April 2022. According to the survey, almost two thirds of Germans are interested in impact investing, but only 13 percent are actually already invested sustainably. The good news for klimaVest: there is definitely a need to catch up.

Broad diversification and the option for more

As at the reporting date 31 August 2022, klimaVest had 20 wind farms and seven photovoltaic power plants and project developments at 26 locations. The entry into agri-photovoltaics, which combines solar park and agriculture, was new in 2022. It is already clear that the recently acquired agri-photovoltaic system will be followed by two more.

Some highlights

klimaVest: Zwei Arbeiter mit Warnwesten
  und Helmen sowie einem Laptop stehen vor einem Windpark. Im Hintergrund geht
  die Sonne unter.

Fund performance

Fund volume of 1,000,000,000 euros
Net cash inflow in the reporting period of 409,000,000 euros 

klimaVest: Solarpark mit Wasserkraftwerk und Windrädern.

Portfolio assets

661 GWh of energy production
212,888 households supplied per year (computed)
195,878 tonnes of CO₂ avoidance

  Luftaufnahme des Aufbaus eines Windrades mit Fahrzeugen und einem Kran.

Project developments

63 GWh of potential energy production
20,511 potential households supplied per year (computed)

Beyond wind farms and photovoltaic plants, klimaVest’s investment focus includes properties from the areas of sustainable infrastructure, mobility and forestry. This means that the fund still has a great deal of potential for development.

Tailwind despite war and crisis

The Easter package passed by the German federal government in the reporting period in response to the advancing climate crisis and Germany’s dependence on imports of fossil fuels provides additional tailwind for klimaVest. The expansion of wind power plants is expected to triple and solar power systems are expected to increase to 22 GW nominal output per year. The goal of generating electricity almost entirely from renewable energy sources by 2035 is to be achieved, among other things, through simplified approval procedures and the reduction of bureaucracy. 

All this rightly gives us confidence, but it is only a fraction of the good news we have bundled for you in the klimaVest annual report. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.
klimaVest Jahresbericht

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