klimaVest Jahresbericht

Figures for the financial year published klimaVest presents its first annual report

17.01.2022 2 Reading Time

  • klimaVest presents first annual report on the occasion of the dividend distribution on 17 January 2022
  • A comprehensive look at Commerz Real’s impact fund is available for download

The annual report relates to the financial year of the fund, which for klimaVest ends as at 31 August. This first short financial year – klimaVest was launched on 28 October 2020 – with a retail customer investment volume of around 500 million euros already demonstrates that the fund meets customer needs with its fund strategy. By the time the annual report was published in January 2022, the fund volume had already grown by another 100 million euros. This is backed up by more than 10,000 investors who have invested their trust in our impact fund since the fund was launched. For this, we wish to convey our warmest thanks.

The annual report contains many exciting highlights from the past financial year and gives readers an outlook on the upcoming measures when they browse through the digital pages, as well as an assessment of the current market situation by the fund management under coronavirus conditions (see page 19 and onwards). In addition, the expert articles on pages 15–18 provide facts about what is important when investing in a wind farm, for example. Interviews with klimaVest asset managers on pages 31–33 introduce the people behind the fund, while pages 40–45 provide a detailed look at the assets as at the reporting date.

Download our annual report and find out more about the facets of our successful fund strategy. We attach great importance to transparency. In the annual report, you will therefore find information on the purchases of tangible assets made during the reporting period (see pages 25–30) and many other details.

The latest annual report can be found under Downloads.

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