Es wird der klimaVest Halbjahresbericht dargestellt.

Transparency means commitment klimaVest publishes half-yearly report

26.05.2023 5 Reading Time

We are pleased to be able to provide you with the new klimaVest half-yearly report for download.

Because our promise of transparency commits us to do so. As an investor or interested party of our impact fund, you should be able to find out exactly what we are doing with your money. You can gain an insight into the fund strategy (from page 11) and find out about the individual assets (from page 20).

Perhaps you are only interested in the report from our Management Board (from page 6)? We invite you to take a look for yourself.

And what’s more: since the fund was launched on 28 October 2020, klimaVest recorded net cash inflows of 1.1 billion euros, which reflects the high level of confidence of our more than 16,000 investors. A total of 29 wind farms, seven solar project developments and four solar power plants alone were acquired up to the half-yearly reporting date at the end of February 2023.
Download the half-yearly report