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Generating huge interest: the investment forum of hausInvest and klimaVest

01.12.2022 5 Reading Time

The challenge for online events continues to be the engagement of participants throughout the entire duration of the digital event. When planning our investment forum, we had ambitious goals in this regard and therefore carefully selected both our speakers and the topics. And – it worked. It was not only the number of registrations that gave everyone reason to be satisfied, but also the consistently high level of interest up to the last minute of the presentation. 

A shared view of the world of tomorrow – with Tristan Horx

Real estate is designed for long life cycles and should be planned with foresight. Reliable future scenarios for market-relevant technical and social development are of high value. The world that futurologist Tristan Horx gave us an insight into is not a vague idea, but is based on scientifically sound data collection. Building for this world requires new thinking and unprecedented flexibility.
Investmentforum Tristan Horx

Timo Werner on klimaVest and the opportunities of endless resources

Launched just over two years ago, klimaVest is already a success story. And that’s a good thing, because the transformation to a climate-neutral economy is a mammoth task. In his presentation, fund manager Timo Werner outlined how klimaVest will increasingly contribute to this. The forward-looking acquisition strategy that he presented, as well as optional investments in the portfolio, are key factors.
Investmentforum Timo Werner

hausInvest – open for tomorrow – Mario Schüttauf acts with foresight

The success story of the hausInvest real estate mutual fund has been going for 50 years. As a result, fund manager Mario Schüttauf took it upon himself to also aim for the next half century. Great things can be expected from a fund that has been at the forefront of crises for five decades and is also undergoing constant strategic development. Perhaps even the entire power supply of all fund properties (computed) through own generation of renewable energies.
Investmentforum Mario Schüttauf

Communities – a concept as old as humanity itself

If you plan and build entire city districts, you have to think about the lives of the people who live, shop, work and want to spend time there right from the start. But what exactly are the needs of the people in a specific region with very specific interests. As community managers, Alexander Witt and Krischan Protz not only organise the design, development, management, operation, support and optimisation of virtual communities, but are also responsible for the corresponding activities outside the virtual space. It was beyond exciting to find out how they manage to do this.

Thank you to all participants – the investment forum is being established

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their interest. Your attention has motivated us to offer the investment forum once a year as a fixed event. After all, nothing gives us greater pleasure than to inspire and involve you and encourage dialogue with us. Come along again – or for the first time – at the 2023 Investment Forum! We are already looking forward to it.
Investmentforum Wilfried Geiberger