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The fund for renewable energy Invest in infinity


Your investment in infinity

Sun, water, wind and earth: they are all vital forces of nature. However, they act according to their own rules. They are independent, inflexible, invincible. 

But they are, above all, one thing – unlimited. And where there are endless resources, there are also endless opportunities.

Raues Wasser bei Unwetter


A touch of infinity in your portfolio

Solarpanels bei Sonnenuntergang

Future-proof asset class

The energy transition is becoming a reality: we are shaping the energy supply of tomorrow, today.
With klimaVest, you can expand your portfolio with more than 43 solar and wind farms across Europe – with just one investment.
Take advantage of the opportunity to achieve an attractive risk-adjusted return of 4.1 % p.a.², with a planned profit distribution of 1.5% to 2.0% p.a.
Ein Windrad an einer Straße, im Hintergrund Sonnenuntergang mit orangefarbenem Himmel

Stability independent of the stock market

As physical assets, the assets of the klimaVest portfolio have material intrinsic value and generate their own cash flows.
As a result, the fund remains largely independent of stock market fluctuations and ensures stability in your portfolio.
At the same time, klimaVest offers you redemption of your units on any trading day – up to 500,000 euros without a notice period or minimum holding period.
Solarpanel und Windrad bei Sonnenuntergang

Broad diversification

43 assets in 5 EU countries, distributed across various energy sources and usage types such as solar power and on/offshore wind farms.
For even greater diversification, klimaVest intends to expand its portfolio in the long term by adding further target sectors – from e-mobility and gas transport and distribution to energy storage.
A fund with many facets

This is klimaVest

Ein junger Mann, der ein Papier in der einen Hand und ein Windrad in der anderen Hand hält

klimaVest offers private investors a broadly diversified, direct investment in the energy generation of the future – and thus exploits the potential of unlimited resources.

  • Attractive, predictable target return of 3.5 – 4.5% p.a. in 2023
  • Strong asset class for the future (including investments in solar and on/offshore wind power)
  • Europe-wide diversification with 43 assets in 5 EU countries currently
  • Stability of real tangible assets, regardless of the ups and downs of the stock exchange
  • Asset management by Commerz Real, with more than 50 years of expertise in tangible assets
  • And what’s more: daily redemption of shares up to EUR 500,000

ISIN: LU2183939003, WKN: KLV100

klimaVest in figures


Product of
Commerz Real
Fund Management S.à r.l.

Invest in klimaVest digitally or with a personal advise

Decide which route suits you best.

Please note: Our digital subscription process to invest is recently only available in german language.


Uncomplicated & innovative: investment advice completely digital

With the klimaVest subscription path, you can purchase an investment product in the renewable energies segment that requires advice fully digitally for the first time.


Purchase through almost any existing custody account

Your klimaVest shares are then booked directly into your custody account – at almost all major banks, savings banks and investment platforms.


Identification via Deutsche Post Videoident or Postident

You can invest in klimaVest quickly and easily online with the Deutsche Post video chat identification system. Or you can select identification via Postident at a branch of Deutsche Post AG.

Or personal advice from your financial institution?

Ask one of our sales partners for a personal advise on klimaVest and buy klimaVest through your custody account with them. With a personal advise, you can currently purchase klimaVest from Commerzbank, BW-Bank / LBBW as well as selected Sparkasse branches, Volksbank branches and Raiffeisenbank branches.

"With klimaVest, we have achieved something that does not yet exist on the market:

access for private investors to long-term physical asset and infrastructure investments that were previously generally reserved for large institutional investors."
klimaVest Fondsmanager Timo Werner
Timo Werner
klimaVest fund manager

"With klimaVest, we have achieved something that does not yet exist on the market:

access for private investors to long-term physical asset and infrastructure investments that were previously generally reserved for large institutional investors."


Who can invest in klimaVest?

The units of the fund are distributed to professional investors, semi-professional investors and private investors as defined by Section 1(19) Nos. 31, 32 and 33 of the German Investment Code (KAGB), which meet the requirements of a qualified investor.

This makes klimaVest one of the first ELTIFs for private investors. An investment consultation (adequacy and suitability assessment) and a minimum investment amount of 10,000 euros, which may not amount to more than 10% of the investable private assets, are required to invest.

Why is the investment tied to criteria?

The ELTIF (European Long-Term Investment Fund) is a relatively new investment framework that appliesacross the EU. It allows investors to invest funds in projects and companies that rely on a long-term cash flow. In order to protect investors and companies, fund managers must comply with strict requirements when issuing ELTIFs.

ELTIFs are intended to make illiquid investments accessible to private investors – e.g. in the form of sustainable infrastructure tangible assets such as wind farms or solar plants, which are also represented in the klimaVest portfolio.

The focus is on transparency and protection for investors: Due to the illiquidity and the long-term nature of the funds, the minimum investment amount is 10,000 euros. At the same time, the investment sum may not exceed 10% of the respective investable assets. This means that only a small part of the assets is tied up in the long term.

ELTIFs, and therefore also klimaVest, are performing a balancing act: the legislators aimed to cover the stability requirements for the long-term financing of future-proof tangible assets, while ensuring that the liquidity requirements of private (small) investors are taken into account.

Anyone who wishes to invest in an ELTIF as a private investor must first participate in a legally prescribed investment consultation to ensure they are protected. Whether an ELTIF such as klimaVest is suitable as an investment product is included in the consultation in the form of an appropriateness assessment.

Are there termination and minimum retention periods?

For amounts up to 500,000 euros, no termination or minimum holding periods apply , investors can return their units on any stock exchange trading day. For redemptions in excess of 500,000 euros, a notice period of 12 months applies.

How are the costs broken down?

The total expense ratio consists of fund management costs (max. 1.8% p.a.) and custody fees (max. 0.025% p.a.). When you buy your klimaVest units, a one-off initial charge of max. 5% will also be charged.

What do I need to invest digitally?

With the klimaVest subscription path, you can purchase an investment product that requires advice completely digitally for the first time.

Please allow some time for this– the digital subscription path takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes.

Please have your custody account details (if available) and your identity card ready for subscribing to the units and for authentication.

Use your e-mail address and optionally assign a password to create a personal account. This means that you can continue the process at a later timeor simply buy more klimaVest units in the future.

¹The management company of klimaVest is Commerz Real Fund Management S.à
r.l. ²Last updated: 30/04/23 - 30/04/24 Calculated using the BVI method (excluding initial charge, distribution reinvested immediately). Past performance and target return statements as well as statements on the planned profit distribution are not indicative of future returns.
³The calculation refers to the current fund portfolio of renewable energy generation investments.
⁴The overall risk indicator shows how likely it is for investors to lose money on this product because the markets are developing in a certain way or the fund is unable to pay out to the investor. This product has been classified in risk class 4, on a scale of 1 (lowest risk class) and 7 (highest risk class), as the risk of potential losses from future performance is rated as medium. Under adverse market conditions, it is likely that the fund’s ability to pay out to investors will be adversely affected.
⁵No notice period or minimum holding period for redemptions up to 500,000 euros; 12-month notice period for redemptions > 500,000 euros p.a.; redemptions may be restricted due to insufficient liquidity; total redemption amount at each redemption date limited to 50% of the fund’s liquidity portfolio